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The FLASH 5 Nutritional Concept is not a FAD DIET. It doesn’t sound too good to be true. The rationale and the resulting products are not “hard to swallow”. The FLASH 5 Concept is rooted in sports nutritional science, food technology, and the gourmet food arts.  Our trademark “FLASH 5” originated from our vision and desire to create the Perfect Energy Food.  We all remember the 4 food groups, right? Well when we sat down to brainstorm about our Perfect Energy Food, we liked the idea of a smart balance of all the essentials in order to achieve optimum results. What we arrived at was a strategic combination of 5 key elements that, in our minds, would make up an ideal source of food energy. We named that source FLASH 5.


FLASH 5 ….A strategic blend of 5 key elements


1        Carbohydrates   Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy for your body and the primary source of fuel for your brain. FLASH 5 contains a combination of simple as well as complex carbohydrates derived from natural sources including fruit solids, juices, and grains. The balance between simple and complex carbs is critical to produce the quick as well as the sustained energy levels that athletes strive for during training and competition. Much of the collective knowledge to date on this subject has come from medical research associated with diabetes. We generally concur with the findings that come out of this research. We feel that the information gained is also directly applicable to healthy-bodied athletes and non-athletes alike. Blood sugar levels must be optimized and stable for peak performance at work and at play. The carbohydrate sources in FLASH 5 bars also contribute dietary fiber, which provides numerous overall health benefits.

2        Protein   An adequate supply of high quality protein is needed for strength, muscle repair, and endurance. Sports nutrition has taught us that there is an optimum level of protein intake associated with athletic activity and healthy eating. Some argue that huge amounts of protein will make all of our dreams come true. We disagree with this (and really any) extreme approach. It has not been easy, but through rigorous athletic trials, we have achieved a nutritional ratio for protein, carbs, and fats that we feel is right on the money.

3        Functional Fats The right kind of fats in the right quantities are essential for proper nutrition and optimum performance in athletic and everyday activities. The body relies on fats in order to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates effectively. Our Classic FLASH 5 bars are lightly dipped in Real, Premium Milk Chocolate, which consists of all-natural, readily digestible cocoa butter. We do not use low grade, hydrogenated fats to cheapen the cost of the finished product. And let’s not forget the real milk chocolate’s most important job…it adds to the delicious taste experience!

4        Vitamins and Minerals   FLASH 5 bars are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and herbs to meet and exceed government standards for Nutritional Supplements. In addition to 22 vitamins and minerals, FLASH 5 bars also contain Lycopene, Lutein, Korean Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba.

5        TASTE   Unlike some of our competitors’ products, FLASH 5 bars taste like delicious, real food. WHY?…Because we make them using delicious premium quality, real food ingredients. Even if you are not interested in using FLASH 5 for the fitness, energy, and nutritional aspects, you may want them for their taste alone. You can feel free to enjoy a guilt-free, nutritious, and satisfying snack anytime. We have to be serious about your taste experience. No matter how good the working properties of our energy products are, we know that the taste experience must also be great in order to keep you coming back for more!


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