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Updated Policy: October 17 02

As a relatively new product line, we are continuously working with events and individuals from a cross section of different athletic disciplines to help spread the word about FLASH 5!

Our sponsorship program is in its early stages, and is more developed in areas where we have established distribution. If you think you or your event would be a good fit for FLASH 5, and would like to be considered for sponsorship, please follow the guidelines below*:

Event Sponsorship

1.      Submit your event proposal in writing. No telephone or electronic submissions will be considered.

2.      Your proposal should include the following:

q       Name of event.

q       Brief description of event.

q       Charitable cause, if applicable.

q       Event date.

q       Event location (City, State/Province, Country).

q       Expected or confirmed number of participants.

q       Expected or confirmed number of spectators.

q       Expected or confirmed media surrounding the event.

q       Outline of promotional value FLASH 5 would receive. Be as specific as possible.

q       Outline of what the event would like to receive from FLASH 5. Be as specific as possible.

q       Any additional details you feel are important. Decisions will be made based on your written proposal, so try to include any information you think might help us reach a decision.

3.      Your proposal must arrive at least 90 days in advance of the event.

4.      Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

5.      Send your proposal to:

Flash 5 Energy Foods

Attn: Sponsorship

P.O. Box 315

Port Coquitlam, BC

V3C 4K6 Canada

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